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The Future of Strategic Volunteer Engagement Webinar: Watch it Now!

Try these steps to advance SVE within your organization.


Encourage grantees to include a budget line item to fund a volunteer engagement professional (VEP), volunteer resources management technology and software and volunteer engagement training and coaching for staff.


Ask potential grantees about volunteer engagement successes and challenges during site visits and in grant applications and evaluations.


Convene other grant makers and nonprofits for dialogue about volunteer engagement strategies and best practices. Explore how you can enhance your grantees’ volunteer engagement strategies.


Highlight the advantages of a strong culture of volunteer engagement to executive leadership and boards. Share data and research demonstrating how strategic volunteer engagement enhances organizational sustainability and strengthens communities.


Support grantee organizations in becoming a certified Service Enterprise or fund their VEP in becoming a Certified Volunteer Administrator. Provide scholarships for professional development, training and networking opportunities for staff and volunteer leaders.

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